Born to be Perfection

Mandiri Pratama manufactures a complete range of lines for packaging and bottling industry, including customized solutions for all production needs. The company was established in 1996, and within a short time, Mandiri Pratama became a market leader in the industry. Through its brand "Vinctech", Mandiri Pratama continues to innovate and develop high-quality products in filling, labelling, capping, washing and water treatment machineries.

Over the years, the company continually invested in new technology to enhance the research and development process, with the primary objective to improve the quality, performance and reliability of the products. Backed by the comprehensive expertise with years of experience, Mandiri Pratama has developed ideal solutions that are optimally matched every application.

As the global leader in machineries and equipment manufacturing, focuses in packaging, beverage and water treatment applications, Mandiri Pratama is ready to grow with your company.

Our Vision

Providing the best local manufacturing machines that emphasises on both the utilisation of advanced innovation and the importance of safety and security issues.

Our Mission

To improve the level of productivity and efficiency in the industry which correspond to the development of technology.

Our Value

Innovative, Reliable, and Proficient.

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